California DMV Lawyer-Fights for your Right to Drive

Attorney Mindy H. McQueen has been handling California Department of Motor Vehicle hearings (Negligent Operator or “NOTS” Hearings, Senior Driver Hearings and Administrative Per Se Hearings (“APS” Hearings, held in conjunction with an arrest for DUI in California)) for over 5 years, and has been practicing criminal law for over 18 years.

Mindy has extensive experience with DMV hearings, and has consistently obtained good results for her clients.  If you want an attorney who handles every DMV hearing with passion, determination, great attention to detail, and as if her own driving privileges were at stake, then call this specialist.   As the Client Testimonials indicate, for Mindy, obtaining a good outcome for her clients is a matter of personal pride.  She offers a free consultation, and can usually begin helping you as soon as you email or call her.  DMV Hearings generally must be requested within a limited time period after the DMV has mailed out notification about any action they intend to take against your license, so it is best to contact an attorney as quickly as possible after you receive notice from the California DMV.  Mindy enjoys a superior reputation as an aggressive and successful DMV Lawyer and receives many DMV hearing referrals from other attorneys as well as from past and current clients, because she will fight for your right to drive.  Her practice includes statewide coverage in California for all DMV Hearings, and she will personally handle your DMV matter.

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Mindy McQueen will try to save your driving privileges, even if the California DMV has sent you notice that it intends to suspend them.

Even if the California DMV has sent you notice that it intends to suspend or revoke your license, there are often ways that Ms. McQueen can save your driving privileges.  Each case is unique, but she understands how the DMV works, and is aware of what is required to best help you get your driving privileges reinstated.  Many clients have retained Mindy after they went to the hearing unrepresented, and had lost their driving privileges.   You will increase your chances of getting a favorable outcome if you bring Mindy McQueen into the proceedings at the earliest possible stage.

Can I save my license even if I have exceeded the number of points allotted to me under the Negligent Operator Treatment System (“NOTS”)?

Yes, it is often possible to save your driving privileges.  However, time is of the essence, and your chances of a successful outcome will increase if you quickly involve Ms. McQueen in the process.

The DMV has notified me that they intend to suspend my license because of a P&M (“Physical and Mental”) issue.  Can you help me get my license back?

There are often things that we can do to try to get your driving privileges reinstated.  If your doctor will confirm that your condition does not affect your driving, or that it is controlled by medication, then we may have a good chance at getting your driving privileges reinstated.

I can’t pass my drive test. Can you help me get my license back?

Sometimes people get so anxious about a drive test that they simply can’t pass it.  Luckily there are many things that can be done, including taking lessons from a professional driving school, or getting a Special Instruction Permit (“SIP”) that will allow you to practice driving as long as another adult is in the vehicle with you.

I do not understand what I need to do to get my license back. Can you help me?

The short answer is yes.  Tackling the DMV alone will probably seem hopeless, but Mindy McQueen can help you.  She knows how the California DMV works, and she will be able to help you achieve the best outcome.

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